Legend of Zelda: Oblivion Rising
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Episode 15 of
Legend of Zelda: Oblivion Rising


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About The Legend of Zelda: Oblivion Rising ...

After saving the land of Hyrule and marrying his true love, Link thought the rest of his life would be spent happily ever after. Then one day, everything Link knew and loved came to a sudden and violent halt at the hands of a phenomenon known as the Oblivion. As Link prepares to meet the same tragic fate as his wife and kingdom, a mysterious figure calling himself The Messenger of the Oblivion takes Link away and transports him back in time. Link finds himself in a Hyrule much different than the kingdom he watched perish, a world full of monsters like Redeads, and a villanous clan of moblins. Along the way, Link also encounters a homeless thief who shares the same name as his wife, Zelda. But is the name the only connection between this thief and the one who died before Link's eyes? And what of this mysterious Messenger...what are his intentions? Link will discover all this and more in one of the most dangerous quests the hero of Hyrule has ever faced.

Online Release: Spring 2016

Scotty Whitehurst, Kevin Johnson, and Jillian Rochelle

Hoyt & Dawn Tanner, Jay Norris, Irene Gracie, Traci Comesana-Spence, Juna Broome, Petch Lucas and Liz Taormina

Directed by Scott Whitehurst
Executive Produced by Michael Day & Jay Norris
Produced by Whitehurst Films and Farragut Films ©2016
Story by Jay Norris
Written by Jay Norris & Scott Whithurst
Hair & Make-up by Marian Latimer and Irene Gracie
Costumes by Dana Elise & Irene Gracie
Casting by Scott Whitehurst
Cinematography by Jay Norris & Scott Whitehurst

  Legend Of Zelda: Oblivion Rising